DandE’s is a small “mom and pop” shop serving delicious homemade Frozen Custard and Sorbet. Located on Pescador Drive (Middle Street) in downtown San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize, DandeE’s is open 3 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. Wednesday thru Sunday; closed on Monday and Tuesday. Stop by our air-conditioned store and cool off with a delicious frozen treat during the afternoon or stop in for dessert after dinner.

  Started by Dan and Eileen Jamison, DandE’s opened its doors in August 2005, after Dan wanted a chocolate milk shake and couldn’t find anything like he enjoyed back home in Pennsylvania. Having been raised in a dairy community and enjoying frozen custard as their favorite frozen dessert, we decided it would be only fair to share it with others.

   Entering the door of this dessert emporium, visitors are greeted by not only tempting aromas but a variety of artwork adorning the walls. Created by children and adults, the brightly colored pictures testify to the fact that DandE’s frozen desserts are something everyone must experience! DandE’s is also endorsed by travel guide experts such as Lonely Planet, Fodors, Rough Guide and Trip Advisor to name a few.”

  DandE’s produces a variety of delicious flavors including the most popular Double Rich Chocolate; the tourist favorite Coconut (with shavings of real island coconut) and the local’s “fave” Soursop – a tropical fruit that resembles a Starburst candy – sweet with a fruity tang. In addition, DandE’s refreshing sorbets are made with real fruit and natural flavors.

  After a bit of lively conversation, DandE’s customers can choose from a menu containing cones, thick, delicious milkshakes and smoothies, “Concretes” (a superior custard version of the “Blizzard)”, as well as mouth-watering Sundaes and Banana Boats – tasty treats not to be missed while on Ambergris Caye.

   So stop by the next time you’re in town and enjoy a frozen sensation in paradise, because as the sign says, “If you like like ice cream, you will LOVE DandE’s Frozen Custard & Sorbet”!!!

   What is Frozen Custard?

   Basically, Frozen Custard is gourmet ice cream.

   What is Frozen Custard made from?

   Frozen Custard is made from a base mix consisting of whole milk, sugar and egg along with other ingredients and contains 10% butterfat. The addition of the egg yolk gives Frozen Custard it’s uniquely smooth texture and creaminess.

   How does Frozen Custard differ from other locally made ice cream?

   The base mix for Frozen Custard is produced in multi-million dollar dairies in the United States. DandE’s imports the base mix from the U.S., adds other local ingredients and special flavors, and produces the custard using a patented continuous-flow machine. Other local ice cream makers use commercial ice cream machines and often use canned or powdered milk to produce their ice cream.

   What is a continuous flow machine?

   Basically, it is an old-fashioned hand-cranked ice cream maker that has been adapted to “churn” the mixture using electricity. Furthermore, unlike soft serve ice cream machines, the continuous flow machine does not store the finished product inside of the machine. Instead, the finished product flows out of the machine into a specialized dipping cabinet.

   What is the advantage to using this technology?

   Hand-cranked ice cream is extremely creamy and dense because this process does not artificially “fluff-up” the ice cream by injecting air into it. With no air injected into our ice cream, one scoop of DandE’s Frozen Custard is equal to, by weight, two and one quarter scoops of commercial ice cream.

   You can contact DandE’s at dande@dande.bz or phone 660-5966.

DandE’s Frozen Custard & Sorbet
Middle Street, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize
Phone: 660-5966 Email dande@dande.bz

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